How To Install Hotstar for PC

Hotstar is an entertainment and live streaming app widely known for its amazing experience giving facility to the users. It is an Indian Version of Netflix which is popular these days due to the wide range of the features it provides. It is highly compatible with the IOS version mobile users & the Android app users. The videos on this app can be played from any location and at any time even if you are on a slow internet connection.

How to download and Install

You can hotstar download for pc directly from the website. In addition, you can also follow the instructions provided here and get a good experience of using the software.

How to Download Hotstar for PC

While there is no official Hotstar app for Windows PC, you may still be able to download it using an android emulator. Yes, you may use Hotstar in your PC and installing it would not be a problem because it is quite easy. Simply follow the steps below and you can enjoy Hotstar on your PC.

  1. First, you have to download Bluestacks. This is an android emulator software that basically lets you run Android apps on your PC. First, we will be installing Bluestacks and then installing Hotstar APK on it.
  2. After downloading BlueStacks install it on your PC, and jump to the next step.
  3. Now download Hotstar APK latest version for Android from below and open the app using BlueStacks. The Installation will take a few seconds and after that, you can use Hotstar on your PC/laptop without any issue.

To Install

  1. To install the software on your computer first check whether HotStar is already installed on your system or not. Click the application icon from the main window and go to install. Or click on the “Scan” link from the “Add-Ons” section. Click the button on “Scan” and wait until the process is completed.
  2. Next, you should try to open the application. If the computer boots up without any problem, the program is successfully installed on your computer. If you face some problems while installing, try to reinstall the application.
  3. After the program is installed, you need to launch the program. On the main screen, you should see the buttons to activate and control the application. If the buttons are displayed properly, then the application is successfully working and you can use it without any difficulty.
  4. After the application has been launched, it will display the main toolbar along with the main menu of HotStar for PC. Here, you will find several tools to perform various functions. You can choose between different features and try to use the different tools provided by HotStar for PC to perform the various tasks related to the application.


If you want to edit a file, you can choose the file editor tool button. Similarly, you can also change the settings of the application by selecting the options tool button. By using the main menu, you can open the menu for managing your data, for creating backups and downloading files, or for performing other activities.

You can also add or remove programs to the application by selecting the add or remove program button from the main menu. Once the program is installed, you can change the various settings and options of the application by selecting the preferences tool button.

How To Run The Program


In order to run the program, you can open the Start-up Manager. by using which you can run all the applications at the start up.Once the program is started, you will be presented with various icons to select. Selecting the icons in order to run the program will make the application start.

In addition, to add or remove an application, you can use the Add/Remove Program button. This option is available only on the main screen. On the main page, you will see the Add/Remove Programs button which allows you to add and remove various applications.

You can also add or delete different files, and folders from the application. by using the Add/Remove Data button. or by using the Add/Remove Folders button.

The Add/Remove Files and Add/Remove Folders buttons allow you to store and transfer data from the computer to a specific drive or folder. You can also use this button in order to synchronize files and folders that are stored on your computer. with those stored on your HotStar for PC. To do so, first you should close the HotStar for PC. Finally, you can manage the configuration settings of the program by using the button. from the main screen.


You can create or edit the registry keys, values, entries, and functions of the program. This function enables you to customize the behavior of the program.

You can modify the program settings and also delete the program. or you can run the program as administrator.If you want to manage the HotStar for PC more efficiently, you can try using the HotStar Registry Cleaner. software.

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